Christmas Lights in Manchester, CT

A simple page for a simple message from Mark Gundersen.   But there’s no time to waste…..

By January 5th most people take down their Christmas lights or turn them off.  So you have a few nights still to catch the best streets in Manchester CT.

JUST THE BEST PLEASE,  then visit these streets:

Knollwood Road

Dennison Ridge Dr.

WHOLE TOUR (less than an hour)

Get to P and P Auto Repair and go down MCKEE St., the side that P and P is on.  Then at end take left onto Hartford Rd.  Go to till get to Main/S. Main St/Rt. 83 and take a right.

You’re on Main/Rt 83 going South.  Take a left onto SPRING ST.

At end of Spring take right onto Highland, right onto Birch Mountain Rd, then right onto DENNISON RIDGE Dr.,  the side streets around Dennison are pretty good as well. 

When done go back down Birch Mt.  and get to Woodbrige Pizza.  Go down Woodbridge St. and take a right onto Weaver and left onto CONWAY Rd. 

When get to end of Conway make a u-turn and return back to Woodbridge.  Take a right onto  WOODBRIDGE St.  

Stay straight, don’t take a left or right,  on Woodbridge (street name may briefly change) till come to Lydall St and take a sharp right onto Lydall.  Follow Lydall till end and take left onto Vernon St.   Continue on Vernon till your second right, KNOLLWOOD Rd.   

Loop back to Vernon St and take a right onto Vernon.  Take left onto Kent Dr.,  At end a right on Kennedy  Rd., and then left onto HAMILTON Dr. See all of Hamilton and you’re done.

That conludes the 2018 Manchester, CT Christmas Lights Tour.  Hope you enjoyed.  Please leave a comment if you know of other streets worthy of touring or suggestions on my ‘tour’.  Thanks.

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