A scale balancing a 1kg weight against a bunch of nuts

The Latest on CT Tolls, Governor Tries to Deal

Last week Governor Lamont, realizing he doesn’t have the votes, offered a compromise to Republicans in an effort to sway some over to the ‘Tolls are good for CT camp’.   The deal:  support tolls and he’ll reduce the lowest income tax bracket from 3 percent to 2 percent, as reported

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All the components: soap, measuring glass, foam dispenser and tap water

Foaming soap on the cheap, but effective

My wife and I love foaming soap but we don’t like the price of a new bottle every month.  Make that every week if the grandkids decide to play with it.    So a year ago we bought our last bottle and learned how to refill it ourselves.   Savings:  $30-$60/year.   Follow

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Space view of earth with sunrise and email symbol

Email Heaven on Earth, within your grasp

Have you ever had total peace with your email system?   Do you sigh at seeing all those unread emails?  Do you dread the thought of missing something important?   If yes then this article will help you.   I resolved my email struggles by first Clarifing then Automating and lastly Routinizing my

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Gmail inbox that's empty, zero

Achieving inbox zero – more rewarding than you expect

Let’s apply Compound Time technique to my number one email gripe – an out of control inbox.  If inbox-zero sounds appealing or you’d like another example of Compound Time technique then read on.   This particular article didn’t provide me “Email heaven on earth” – you can read about that adventure; 

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Tasks plus time plus timer plus thinking is the formula for compound time

Accomplish your tasks with Compound Time technique

If you seek a Simple and Fulfilling life then accomplishing your tasks is a key component.   My Compound Time technique can help.   We all have tasks that carry an extra burden.  How long has your email inbox been clogged up?  How high will the stack of unread newspapers and magazines

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