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Rescue Plan Needed

For years Manchester, CT schools district ranks in the bottom 17% of all  170 school districts. 

The majority of our students are below average in math and reading.  Majority is being kind, it’s actually more like 65%.  On our schools website look at the SBAC scores. 

The results are far worse for Hispanics and Blacks.  80% are below the state average in math and English.

If elected I promise to:

1. Regularly interact with parents, teachers, administration to understand the challenges.

2. Present to the Board viable policy recommendations. 


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The Latest on CT Tolls, Governor Tries to Deal

Last week Governor Lamont, realizing he doesn’t have the votes, offered a compromise to Republicans in an effort to sway some over to the ‘Tolls are good for CT camp’.   The deal:  support tolls and he’ll reduce the lowest income tax bracket from 3 percent to 2 percent, as reported

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